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Welcome to Black Ace Books.  This is where I have spent much of my time to create the best list of local bestseller books in the Wisconsin area.

Top Books (In Order)


“The Mountain Resort”

by:  Fransisco Ritz


The Mountain Resort is a simple short read novel by Fransisco Ritz which outlines his journey out to the Western part of the country.  Fransisco was born and raised in a rural farm in the Southern town in Wisconsin.  We had always wanted to explore the world, but his family didn’t have the means.  We would spend countless days in the libraries reading about the different parts of the world.  One day Fransisco decided that his life was not going to be determined by his harsh upbringings.  He wanted more from life than just the 20 acre farm that his family owned and operated.  Fransisco bought a VW Pinto and set forth out to the West.  This book describes his journey through these times as well as many of the struggles that he encountered.

♥♥♥♥ – This book gets 4 hearts as it is a must-read for anyone looking for adventure!

“The Job Jumper”

by:  Thomas Schide


The story of the “Job Jumper” is about a young man named Will that was born in Chicago into a single-parent household.  His mom worked as a cook for the local bakery.  Will always had high dreams of wanting something more in his life outside the low-paying job that his mom worked.  Will set out on a journey in life going through a series of jobs until he found the right one.  This young man started at his mom’s local bakery and enjoyed helping her, but didn’t want to be there forever.  He then set out to be a taxi driver at the age of 18, which he quickly did not like.  Then, young Will, wanted to start his own businesses.  He began by starting his own radon mitigation company in the outskirts of Chicago.  With his job he installed radon mitigation systems in the community.  After making some good money doing this he went into much higher markets.  He still can be contacted at www.milwaukeeradonhome.com.  This book illustrates his struggles and triumphs in his life, and ending up with his dream job.

♥♥♥ – This book gets 3 hearts as it’s a great reference to overcoming obstacles.

“One Last Journey”

By: Janette Neurello

Grace spent her entire married life traveling the road with her husband in their pop-up camper.  Every summer they would hit the road with nothing more than an atlas and each other’s company.  The tradition carried on for all 40 years that they were together until his sudden passing in a car accident on one of their trips.  Grace was scarred from the experience and discontinued the trips.  Twenty years later, she receives news that she has stage four liver cancer and only months to live.   Knowing that his grandmother always longed to see the end of the trip where she had lost her husband, her grandson decides that they will go together just as his grandparents did with nothing more than an atlas.

♥♥♥♥ – 4 hearts for this book as you will need a tissue box in order to finish it.

“The Nap”

By: Virgil Murphy

Dean worked a thankless job that always left him out of energy and with no money to show from it.  He comes home one summer afternoon on his lunch break and lays down in his room with intentions of only taking an hour nap.  When he wakes up, it feels like the room is a hundred degrees and it is now dark outside.  Panicked that he has overslept from his break, he runs to check the time only to find that all of the power has been turned off.  He goes to the kitchen to find that his house looks as if it has been ransacked without even a trace of food left behind.  Going outside, he finds the street in a firey blaze with only his house left standing and no sign of life anywhere other than a stray dog that comes running up to him.  Join Dean on his journey with his furry companion to make sense of his world now lost.

♥♥♥ – This books gets 3 stars for its sci-fi drama of finding meaning to the world.

“The Final Escape”

By:  John Frankscense

This story is one of independence and finding ones self through exploration and discovery.  Pete was a young city boy that was always told what to do and how to live his life.  His parents were both lawyers and had young Pete on strict guidelines that needed to be followed.  Once Pete started maturing into a young man, he wanted to explore the world the way he wanted to.  Suddenly, Pete starts sneaking out of his house at night and discovering what the world is all about without the need of parents telling him what to think and how to live his life.  This tale takes you through the young, innocent life of a teenager that is looking to find his true identity.  This young man discovers what is needed to survive on his own.

♥♥♥ – This book gets 3 stars for its wonderful descriptions of how a young teenager must cope with life outside rules.